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Stylish Wedding Planner’s Emergency Kit

Wedding Planner's Emergency Kit, Seya 2 in 1 Professional Makeup Rolling Case

Meet the newest member to the Alpha Prosperity Events family. It’s pink and it’s fabulous. It’s our new rolling carry all for the wedding emergency kit. As a wedding planner/ wedding coordinator, on wedding day, you have to be ready for any and everything. You literally pack everything you can imagine into so many little bags and boxes that sometimes, it becomes difficult to find what you need, quickly, when you need it. Well, not anymore. Our rolling case is the Seya 2 in 1 Professional Makeup Artist Rolling Train Case and it has space for everything. It was created for make up artist but it works well for wedding planners too. I started taking photos as I was unpacking because I was so excited and decided that I had to do an impromptu blog post about it.

Wedding and Event Emergency Kit Wedding Planner Emergency Kit, Alpha Prosperity Events
As a wedding and event planner, there is no such thing as being over prepared. We have to think about, expect and plan for the unexpected. This rolling case makes it a little bit easier. It separates so I can put items that the bridal party may need , in one section and keep the items that I need in another section. It  is so organized with so many convenient storage places for little items like safety pins, bandages, mints, medication, beauty products, etc., and larger storage areas for bottled water, cleaning products, extra pair of comfy shoes, flashlight, two-way radios, batteries, an extension cord, and my trusty tool kit. As I said, you have to ready for everything but you want to look professional and organized while carrying everything except the kitchen sink. Did I mention that I love that this case is pink, our signature color??!! Now, we are ready for any wedding day or event emergency, and we look stylish while coming to the rescue!

As the bride, you may be interested in your own signature bag to carry those small items to help you look and feel your best on the big day. Why not select something to help make it clear as to who the bag belongs to. 

If you are interested in purchasing this case, bag or something like it, you can find this one and others at our Amazon page.  Now you can rest assured, knowing that you and your Houston Wedding Planner and/or Houston Wedding Coordinator are stocked and ready with everything a girl needs on one of the best days of her life.

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