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In Search of the Wedding Dress – A Happy Ending

This is the story of our bride’s search for this wedding dress!” How did she do?

Like many brides in the midst of wedding planning, our bride began her search for the dress by skimming through bridal magazines until she found the wedding dress of her dreams. She begins to imagine herself putting this dress on for her wedding day, and walking down the aisle to meet her groom. She imagines the look on her groom’s face when he sees her in this dress, and she imagines herself dancing the night away, all in this dress.

And so began the hunt for “this dress.” After what seemed like many endless days of shopping expeditions, the bride found a salon that had the dress and she quickly tried it on. She looked in the mirror, caught her breath and said, “Yes, this is my dress.” She modeled it, spinning and twirling to show every detail of the dress. Everyone loved it until mom asked the dreaded question, “How much is it?” And that’s when our bride’s vision and dreams came to a screeching halt.

True story? Yes indeed, but don’t worry; our bride’s story has a happy ending. Our bride decided to shop around some more with the hopes of finding a dress. Being very conscious of the wedding dress budget, she visited some of the less expensive bridal stores and boutique-like salons. She was also flexible about variations in style, color, fabric and design, and guess what? She found “the dress” and the wedding day dream became real again., Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner 20130705-115607.jpg, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, 20130705-115405.jpg

What do you think? I think she did pretty darn well but the most important thing was that she was happy. It may not be the exact wedding dress or even close to it but as long as you feel beautiful and glow with excitement, that is all that truly matters. You have the capability of creating your own happy ending; it’s all in your perspective and what you are willing to do to make it happen. Let us help you create that happy ending too.


  1. Very refreshing…The dress finding process can truly be this simple. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is so important to know your budget before you go dress shopping and only have the attendants show you dresses in the budget you’ve identified for yourself so you don’t set yourself up for failure. I am so glad your bride decided to stick to her budget…because now, she looked gorgeous, and stayed with in budget.

  3. Your bride did an awesome job!! It’s such a close match and she was stunning!

  4. She looks beautiful in the dress and it does come close to the original one that she wanted in look. I love going to dress shops looking for wedding dresses.

  5. She did excellent! Beautiful dress!

  6. Maggie Sottero is one of my absolute favorites. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    • My bride was so happy with this dress and you can always tell when a bride is happy about the way the look by the way they walk down the aisle. Thanks for stopping by Terrica.

  7. I absolutely love wedding dresses. Your client looked gorgeous her dress was so pretty. The top with the boning is everything. Super sexy.