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Wedding Meal Options Best Suited for Your Event – Part 1: The Buffet

ApeventsIMG_3011What’s a wedding day celebration without food? A celebration destined to fail if not handled properly. Your meal or food selections are very important decisions that require more thought than you realize. It’s not simply a matter of what you would prefer but consideration must also be given to your budget, your number of guests, the layout or availability of the venue, and in some situations, the special needs of your guests.

After considering all of the above items, you can now go to your caterer and venue manager to determine what options you have for food service during your wedding reception, and yes, you do have options. Very often, brides and grooms have an idea of what type of menu they would prefer, but most are not aware of the choices available and that each choice comes with limitations and a specific price tag to make it happen.  Over the next few posts, we will share some of the most  common options or choices  and just a few things to consider to make an informed selection about what will work for your reception celebration. We begin with the very popular choice, the Buffet.

A buffet is traditionally seen as one long line of food where guests can be served or serve themselves. Buffets are seen positively by the bride and groom who do not want to deal with specific meal selections or rely on the guests to RSVP their meal choices. For some brides and grooms, to relieve themselves of that headache is reason enough to select the buffet option.




Some of the pros could be that you may save money in labor, since buffet meals mean less service staff tending to individual persons as is the case with table-side plated meal service.  But by the same token, buffets can cost a bit more than a “plated” meal because the food service has to offer and have enough of everything prepared without portion controls so that guests may choose whatever they like to eat from the buffet table.

A major disadvantage for some guests is that the buffet line may move too slowly, due to too many guests, older guests or guests with children. Depending on the number of guests, your caterer and venue manager may suggest two buffet lines. Before balking at the idea, consider it if you have a large number of guests attending. Another option to the buffet line, if space allows, is to have food stations spread throughout the reception area. This allows for movement throughout the space and gives guests the option to make selections suited to their dietary wishes and tastes.

Buffet lines can also be open for serving for a designated period of time, allowing your guests to serve themselves when they are ready.

When considering the buffet option, be attentive to the advice of those in the know and with the experience to handle the many decisions involved. Don’t make this the automatic choice because you have a limited budget. We always recommend reviewing all of the options before making any decisions and if a limited budget is an issue, you may need to consider trimming your guest list. Need help with your guest list? Visit our posting for tips on Managing your Guest List.

Still need help? Give us a call or drop us an email. We are happy to assist you with details such as these or any other planning details that you are dealing with. No detail is too big or too small. Remember, a stress free planning and celebration experience is what we are all about. Let us make that happen for you. Call us today.

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