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Personalize Every Moment of Your Wedding Planning Journey!

Do you personalize every moment?  Are you in-tuned to the activities and people surrounding you, or have you already moved on to the next issue or day’s happening?  You probably personalize more moments than you realize but because some are so small or non distinct, you don’t give them a Polaroid moment in your suitcase of life experiences.  I think the key to personalizing every moment is to slow down and just take it all in; every person involved, every smile shared, every touch felt and every experience learned.

We go through so many routines and regiments to get to a destination, that we sometimes don’t notice or enjoy the things that are happening all around us.  My suggestion is to go slowly so that you not only smell the roses on your engagement to wedding day journey, but so that you will remember what those roses looked like and how much you enjoyed them.

As a very little girl, spending time with my grandparents, I remember watching my grandmother get dressed and ready for some special event.  I remember in particular that she wore these beautiful lace slips with intricate detailing on them. I didn’t realize how much I adored those slips until it was time for me to select my wedding dress and realized that the detail from one of my grandmother’s lace slips were a huge design detail in a dress I was considering. Those happy memories at grandma’s house came flooding back and I new that I had found my dress.  Wearing that dress on my wedding day was so personal for me and I felt absolutely beautiful in it, just as my grandmother did in those lace slips, so many years ago.

As a newly engaged, bride or groom to be, you are about to embark on a “once in a lifetime” journey of planning your dream wedding. The time goes fast and the special moments go even faster, so make it a priority to attach a personal experience or moment to every planning choice that you make. Make every person, party, get together, decision and selection meaningful. You will know the significance and so will the people around you.

Are you recently engaged and just beginning your wedding planning journey? Not sure where to start? Well, you can start by contacting us. We offer advisement consultations to start you on your way. If you need additional help, we have planning, coordination and management services to support you throughout the whole process, from “Yes,” to “I Do.

What are some of your happy moments and how will you be personalizing those moments to include them in your planning journey? Let’s get together and talk about them.

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