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Happy Anniversary – Mom & Dad

Champagene ToastTaking some time to wish a wonderful, “Happy Anniversary,” to my mom and dad, celebrating 59 years of marriage. As I am sure they both would say, “that’s a long time.”  I have been surrounded by a number of good role models for marriage and I am thankful for all them and all that they have taught me. These days, there’s something significant about the words “Happy Anniversary” after 25 years of marriage, let alone, 50, 60 or 75 years. How do they do it? Here are my observations and what I have learned from watching my grandparents, parents and other family members.

A sense of humor is important. You can’t get through the trials and challenges of life without laughing. I have watched my dad annoy my mother for years, all in the name of playfulness and love. My dad is like an old kid. Remember how little boys used to pull a girls hair or do things to aggravate one girl in particular, all in the quest of getting her attention? My dad is that little boy, and my mom is that little girl. They are hilarious. And the funny part is my husband does the exact same things to me.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, unless it is important and then it’s time to sweat the small stuff. After a number of years you learn to let some things go but you also know when it’s time to pay attention to those small things because if you don’t, they become big things, really fast.

You must be honest with your spouse and you must always have respect for them. I experienced this first hand with my parents because I would tell my mom things and ask her not to tell my dad. She would always remind me that my secret was safe unless my dad figured it out and would ask her about it. If that happened, she would have to share it with him, especially if it had to do with my well being or safety.

Have patience with each other, even through the tough times. For my parents, divorce was never an option. Oh I am sure it may have crossed their minds a time or two but for the most part, when there was a disagreement, they agreed to disagree.

Listen, listen and then listen some more. Think before you open your mouth and if anything comes out that is hurtful to the other, apologize with no excuses.

Remember the good moments and laugh often, with each other.

Congratulations again Mom and Dad! Thank you for being there for us and thank  you for showing me that marriage ain’t easy, but commitment and longevity is possible, when you put in the work.




  1. Courtney what an exciting day! Happy Anniversary to your parents! My parents hit year number 40 last year. Unfortunately numbers like 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 aren’t seen often enough these days. Other pieces of advice I’m given from couples who have been married for awhile is put your spouse first and keep other people out of your marriage-rely on one another.

  2. Love the advice here I hope to be married that long !!!

  3. Wow! 59 years! I am cherishing every word you wrote…how fortunate to witness and have serve as a guide for a long healthy marriage. Cheers to your parents on 59 years of marriage and many more!