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Congratulations,You’re Engaged! Now What??

Visions of Wedding PlanningHappy New Year and congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples out there. It appears that 2013 is going to be a busy year for weddings. If you have just recently joined the ranks of the newly engaged, here are just a few ideas to help you prepare before the real planning begins.

Becoming engaged is a big deal and can be quite overwhelming, so take a breath and let it sink in. You are joining your “self ” with another person, for life. Don’t be blinded by the bling of the ring. Marriage is a commitment and that commitment should not be entered into lightly.

Next, communicate and then communicate some more. Make sure you and your fiance are on the same page about marriage, finances, wedding planning and dreams. Don’t be in a rush to talk about the specific details but do ask and listen and then listen some more. He may not have all of the same wedding day visions as you and that is okay. Compromising is a tool that will serve you well. Don’t become that “bridezilla” that everyone starts to hate, because you think everything is about you. Be considerate of your fiance’s wishes and plans. It’s his wedding too. Learning to communicate through different opinions is what marriage is made of.

And lastly, when you decide that it’s time to start planning, hire a wedding planner or consultant to advise you of  venue and vendor selections, best date options and other ideas to help save you time, money and stress. As a Houston area wedding planner we provide a stress free planning experience at whatever level of service you need at just about any budget. You can choose from our Partial Planning, Coordination, or Decor Management packages to create a simpler, more enjoyable planning experience. We even have some specialized services for Encore Brides or for those wanting to elope in style. Not sure about what you need but you know you need help? Give us a call and let us help create the vision of your dreams. Your wedding event is a success from our very start.

If you don’t think a wedding planner will be a good fit for you, at least consider speaking to a planner for a couple of hours of consultation. I promise, it’s worth it.

Okay….ready…..set…….start planning.








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