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Celebrating Your First Easter as a Married Couple

imageHappy Easter to all and especially to those that are celebrating their first Easter as a married couple. Holidays can be an interesting time for a newly married couple.  Trying to incorporate old traditions that are new to you or your spouse can be challenging but just as you are learning to live as a couple, you will learn to make adjustments and compromise where necessary.

  • Are you hosting your first Easter celebration or trying to split time between two families?
  • Are you holding fast to your traditional way of celebrating, only to realize your spouse has a different way of celebrating, if they celebrate it at all?
  • Are you feeling the pressure to participate for the sake of getting along, all the while, dreading the whole day or weekend?

Marriage takes time. Getting adjusted to the personality of one person is difficult in itself but having to adjust to a whole new family and their way of celebrating holidays doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to incorporate his family ideas with yours and your family ideas with his. Be prepared to compromise and speak up to those things you feel very strongly about. Don’t expect your spouse to read your mind or to just know that you still look for a basket of candy at Easter.

And speaking of Easter baskets, why not start some new traditions for your new family like exchanging baskets catered to your loved ones hobbies or interests. You can never miss me with a basket of candy or snack goodies but maybe you want to do something a bit more masculine for your hubby. How about a sports themed basket for the sports enthusiast . Fill a basket for your husband with a pair of baseball tickets, some peanuts, popcorn, a couple bottles of root beer or beer, baseball cap, glove and sunshades.  Or if he is the poker playing type, how about a basket filled with poker chips, a deck of cards, a bottle of his favorite liquor, and various poker party snacks.

Hosting the family Easter dinner? Create personal touches that you can get excited about and that may have significance to you and your spouse. You don’t have to set the dinner table the same way his mother or your mother does. Create a new way with new ideas and make sure you use all of your new dinner place settings and serving pieces that you received as wedding gifts. If you relax, and enjoy the process of setting a beautiful table, as a couple and hosting a wonderful holiday celebration as a couple, it will show to all of your guests and they will enjoy the time with you both and appreciate being included.

Make this first holiday a special time for each other first, creating new memories and new traditions. If you are inviting others to be a part of your new family celebration that is great too. Your first Easter together could be the start of many more special holiday traditions together.

Alpha Prosperity Events would like to take this time to thank our many readers for supporting us and just being a part of our extended family. We wish each of you a blessed and joyous Easter.


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