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A Planner’s Wedding Hangover

Alpha Prosperity Events Blog - A Planner's Wedding Hangover, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Wedding Planning ServicesOh what a night. My head is spinning, I am exhausted and I need coffee. Looks like I am about to experience another wedding hangover. Wait a minute, I didn’t drink anything, literally, so how can I be suffering a hangover. “What in the world happened?” A successful wedding event, that’s what happened!

It appears that another weekend of wedding events has come and gone. The last piece of cake has been eaten, the last bottle of champagne drained and the last dance has been danced. The bride and groom are gorgeous, ecstatic and happy as they float out of the reception space with their wedding party and guest in tow. To see it all come together successfully from beginning to end is such a relief. The months and weeks of planning paid off. But my planning work is not done. Now its time to pack up everything we unpacked six hours ago, and there are a few extra items added to the mix, like the wedding gifts, left over flowers, centerpieces and such. Looks like another hour or so of standing, bending, sweating and stooping to make sure all of the couples items are safely prepared and packed up for transportation and delivery. It’s now midnight and you are pleading for this fourteen hour day to come to a merciful end.

Alpha Prosperity Events Blog - A Planner's Wedding Hangover, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Wedding Hangover,

I obviously have to love what I do. Wedding planning as a career is so fulfilling but each wedding event takes so much out of you. You give all that you have to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and you work hard to see those smiles and happy moments and to hear your bride and groom say those magic words, “Thank you so much. Everything was perfect.” And now, it’s the morning after the event and I am drained of everything required to function. My arms, feet and legs hurt beyond hurting, I am tired and I woke up with a huge headache from being dehydrated because I didn’t drink enough water throughout the day to replace what I was sweating out earlier the day before. But you know what, as bad as this wedding hangover sounds, I’m going to do it all again and suffer through the same aches and pains in a few weeks at the next wedding event. Is that crazy insanity? No, it’s just the life of a Wedding Planner.


  1. Great post, couldn’t explain it better.

    • If only more people understood the reality of how much planners’ go through both before and after a wedding event. It is mentally and physically draining. This job is not for the weak or faint of heart.

  2. I love the reality of our lives as planners in your story. I hope you got some much needed rest.

  3. This was me a couple weeks ago…exactly how I felt, but you said it best! Crazy insanity? Yep! Love it! Can’t wait to read the next post.

  4. This is such a great article that goes into the not so glamorous side of planning events. Yes we love what we do but sometimes it is exhausting

  5. Ok. I am exhausted just reading the post.(Smile) But is a very true and accurate description of a typical weekend for us! Like you I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Great post!

  6. Wow. The work of a wedding planner never seems to be done, right? But in the end, on that day after, when you leave it all ‘at the reception’ your couples end up with a flawless event that could not have gone on without hitch if you weren’t there. So on behalf of that couple that you you woke up with all the aches and pains from, thank you Courtney for making their day special!

  7. Well said & VERY TRUE! We all experience it with every one of them, but I know I’ll be ready for the next one! I also always take an Advil before I go to bed…it helps with the ache muscles in the morning!

  8. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Haha … its always hot chocolate for me the next morning lol! And my phone is off! Now that the weather is nice I’m going to add a relaxing sit with some Miles Davis listening on the porch!!