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Wedding Meal Options Best Suited for Your Event – Part 1: The Buffet

What’s a wedding day celebration without food? A celebration destined to fail if not handled properly. Your meal or food selections are very important decisions that require more thought than you realize. It’s not simply a matter of what you would prefer but consideration must also be […]

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Sweet Thoughts of February!

Whew, February, the month of love is done for 2013 and I must say, it was an excellent month for Alpha Prosperity Events. We coordinated a number of weddings and events with decor themes and we will be sharing some of the details of those weddings, events […]

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Congratulations,You’re Engaged! Now What??

Happy New Year and congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples out there. It appears that 2013 is going to be a busy year for weddings. If you have just recently joined the ranks of the newly engaged, here are just a few ideas to help […]

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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve

Do you have big plans to bring in the new year? No??!!! Well that’s okay, you can create a festive party plan in a jiffy. See, that’s the great thing about a New Year’s Eve Party, all you really need is the reason to celebrate along with […]

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Personalize Every Moment of Your Wedding Planning Journey!

Do you personalize every moment?  Are you in-tuned to the activities and people surrounding you, or have you already moved on to the next issue or day’s happening?  You probably personalize more moments than you realize but because some are so small or non distinct, you don’t give […]

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