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Wedding Related Questions: Divorced Parents Don’t Get Along

Wedding Related Questions & Answers – Answers to those pressing questions, to help you on your way to a memorable celebration and a successful wedding day event. Got a planning or other wedding related question? Drop us a line at, at our Facebook page or below in the comment […]

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Wedding Proposal Trend: “Man-gagement Rings”

Sharing some new and interesting engagement and wedding proposal trends, one has to be intrigued by the wedding proposal trend of “man-gagement” rings. What was that? Yes, you read that correctly, man-gagement rings, an engagement ring for men. The Gentle Manual – a Handbook for Gentleman & Scoundrels […]

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Wedding Engagement Checklist – After You Say, “Yes!”

Yes, the holidays are upon us and you know what that means, wedding engagement season is here and the wedding proposals are in full swing.  There are lots of old traditions and new trends in the works for this year’s blessed and prosperous couples that have found […]

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Wedding Rehearsal – Do it: It’s Worth the Time!

“Before the bride and groom walk down the aisle, let’s get together for a quick wedding trial.” The wedding rehearsal is just as it sounds, a time to practice or run through the actual details and elements of the wedding ceremony. The rehearsal is usually held a […]

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Unity Ceremony Ideas – Think Personality & Decor

Unity Ceremony Ideas - Think Personality & Decor

Your wedding day is quickly approaching and you still have not decided on what you all will do for unity ceremony. The unity ceremony is usually done to symbolize the joining of a man and woman as husband and wife, but there are different ideas and variations to allow for […]

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