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Love Quote Saturday!

Hello my lovelies. It’s Love Quote Saturday, and you know what that means…someone, somewhere is getting married today. As a matter of fact, we are heading out to Katy, TX to manage a wedding in just a couple of hours.   So, in keeping with our idea to celebrate […]

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Wedding Decor Coordination – Missouri City Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking. There are budgets, guests lists and invitations to coordinate; venues and entertainment to select; gowns, dresses and tuxedos to choose, and let’s not forget about the decor coordination and set-up of your wedding day event items. Knowing all that is […]

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Wedding Meal Option – Pt.3 – Cocktail Only Reception

Finishing up our segment on the best wedding meal options for your reception event, we come to our final selection for discussion, the Cocktail Only Reception. Not to be confused with the mini cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception where limited, bite sized appetizers are served, […]

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Love Quote Saturday – One Happiness

Hello my lovelies. It’s Love Quote Saturday, and you know what that means…someone, somewhere is getting married today and I believe that these celebrations of love are so special. So, in keeping with our idea to celebrate a day when lots of love celebrations are happening, we […]

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Plated Dinner Option and Wedding Day Timeline

Just wanted to share a bit more advice about plated dinner service and the importance of it meshing with your wedding day timeline. When considering the plated dinner option, be precise about your  timeline and when you expect things to take place. Presentation is key for your caterer and timeliness […]

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