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Wedding MBA in Vegas

Hi Everyone! Sorry, no inspirational or great ideas and tips post this week. This Houston Wedding Planner is traveling to enhance our knowledge and skills to provide an even better wedding and event service to our wonderful clients.  We are in Las Vegas attending the Wedding MBA, a conference that focuses on the business side of weddings. You can expect us to come back refreshed, renewed and even more confident about how to service our brides, grooms and other wedding related clients.

Yes, we are in Las Vegas but don’t worry; this conference keeps us so busy learning and networking that you really don’t have time to commit those awful offenses that you hope stay in Vegas. The only trouble I see on the horizon for me is shopping. As one of my favorite hobbies, shopping is on my to do list and trust me, I will not be denied; (no matter what my husband says.)

And don’t forget our challenge to you for the month of October to help raise monies for breast cancer research. Follow us for more info on how you can “Help Save the Boobies.”

See you guys soon.

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