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Pinfluence. What’s Your Influence?


If you have a Pinterest profile, (if you don’t, why not) you know about the hottest thing going right now in social media circles. You know all about the fun and often times, addicting action of pinning useful organization ideas, recipes, or beautiful wedding & event inspiration to your online pin boards. Depending on what you pin, you may get numerous followers and others randomly pinning items you have brought to their attention. When someone follows you or pins something you previously pinned, it speaks to your social media influence. And we all want to be influential, with lots of friends and followers in the social media world, right? Want to know how influential you are in the Pinterest world? Check out PinPuff, a site that helps calculate your Pinfluence.

Pinfluence is a measure of your popularity, influence, activity, and reach on Pinterest and similar to Klout, PinPuff gives you a score between 1-100. It also decides monetary value of your pins & traffic your pins generate. Basically, the higher your Pinfluence score, the better your chances of getting the attention of some of the bigger brands and for working with them on their Pinterest strategy. How’s that for showing how influential you are?

So, what’s your Pinfluence score? Let us know and leave us your Pinterest link as well do we can follow you. Check out our Pinterest boards here and follow us while you’re there.


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