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Wedding Rehearsal – Do it: It’s Worth the Time!

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“Before the bride and groom walk down the aisle, let’s get together for a quick wedding trial.”

The wedding rehearsal is just as it sounds, a time to practice or run through the actual details and elements of the wedding ceremony. The rehearsal is usually held a day or two before the actual wedding day and requires the participation of anyone that will be involved in some aspect of the ceremony. Many think, that if you have been through one wedding rehearsal, you have been through them all. Well, that may not be completely accurate. Many couples are choosing to incorporate different ideas and forego traditional aspects to add a more personalized feel to their wedding.

As the bride and groom, the wedding rehearsal provides the opportunity to see everything that you have been planning,  begin to come together. It is an opportunity to work out some of the jitters and to tweak or adjust for the elements that you thought would work that clearly are not working. As a member of the bridal party, it is an opportunity to show the bride and groom that they have made the right choice in selecting you to be a part of their big day and that you are there to help with whatever they need. Also, many people have a fear of performing in front of others. The wedding rehearsal allows an opportunity for everyone, especially the little ones to become familiar with the surroundings and to feel comfortable.

Wedding Rehearsal, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events, Ceremony Coordination,

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Schedule the wedding rehearsal at a convenient and reasonable time. All the players should be there so don’t schedule the rehearsal at a time when members of your bridal party are just arriving in to town, or will be dealing with rush hour traffic. Things happen and delays are inevitable so announce your wedding rehearsal schedule early enough so that your bridal party can make proper arrangements to be there.

The officiant or a stand in for him should be at the wedding rehearsal. This is the time for the bride, groom and officiant to work out the elements of the actual marriage ceremony. Specific wording, prayers, readings, is there a unification ceremony, music, signing of the marriage license, etc. These are all things that should not come as a surprise to your officiant and should have been discussed with him or her before getting to this point. The wedding rehearsal is a great time to see how all of the elements will flow, to assure a smooth, beautiful, blooper-free ceremony.

Have all ceremony music at the rehearsal as well as any additional sound equipment. You will want to rehearse processions, special ceremony music and recessions with the bridal party. If  your musicians can’t attend the rehearsal, bring the music on a CD to rehearse with and to make sure music is the right length.  Do the voices of the bride, groom and officiant need amplification? Not sure? The wedding rehearsal is the perfect time to determine if you will need microphones to be heard during the ceremony.

Sounds overwhelming? Well, it can be, but when you hire a wedding  coordinator, you can sit back and enjoy every minute of the process. You can sit back and let someone else coordinate all of these details and necessary elements. A professional wedding  coordinator has experience in conducting wedding rehearsals and can do it usually within the hour time-frame allowed by your venue. When people are late or party-rowdy it can be difficult to wrangle everyone to be on task for rehearsal without sounding bossy or short tempered.  When you bring in a professional you don’t have to worry about that. It is the coordinator’s job to get everyone on task, deal with the rowdy bunch and get the wedding rehearsal job done, so you don’t get labeled as a “bridezilla.”

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  1. Great post! I have attended weddings where it seemed as if no one knew why was going on. Having been on all sides of the spectrum, the Wedding Planner, a member of the bridal party, and a guest, a rehearsal gets lots of the kinks out!

    • Thanks Lynn. A rehearsal just keeps thing running smoothly. I just wish we could get more ministers, musicians and bridal party members to participate. It takes such a burden off the couple when all the players are involved. Less to stress about on the day of.

  2. Rehearsals should be mandatory! Even if one has attended a rehearsal, does not mean they have attended all! The more details, or special elements involved the more reason to have a professional planner coordinator manage the rehearsal. Thank you for also, addressing the time for the rehearsal. Although, the day before the wedding is usually always the time to conduct the rehearsal, it is important the rehearsal is scheduled at a time for all members involved to be present, and on time.

  3. Wedding rehearsals are so important to help make the big day run smoothly. It’s equally important for ALL bridal party members to be in attendance as well and as you noted in your post – hire a planner who can help smooth out the kinks.

  4. I agree. Wedding rehearsals are so important. It seems so minor to people involved but 1 hour of practice and direction can really go a long way!

  5. Yes, I agree having a Professional Wedding planner execute the rehearsal will make everything run more smoothly. It’s so important that everyone invloved is on time ( love the tip about not planning it when members of the Bridal Party are just arriving in-town.