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Wedding Meal Option Best Suited for Your Event- Part 2: Plated Service

plated dinner, wedding meal options, Missouri City Wedding Coordinator, Missouri City Wedding PlanningIn continuing our discussion about the best meal options suited for your wedding day event, we  move on to the plated service option or as some refer to it, the seated dinner service. The plated service is the most traditional wedding meal option and is where guests are seated and their meal is served to them.

When choosing this option, you may need to consider the cost, as the plated service option is more labor intensive not only for the caterer but also for you. Often with plated dinners your guests are given an option of entrees, to include any special dietary requests. This requires an expense of additional postage for guests to respond with their selections, place setting or menu indicator cards for each guest as well as seating or table charts. Meticulous organization with your RSVP’s, is a must to assure a smooth meal service.

The plated service requires an accurate meal count, so you may spend a significant amount of time following up with those guests that have yet to respond. Things get complicated when you have guests that didn’t respond and show up anyway or you have guests who respond that they will attend and then something comes up and they don’t. You still have to pay for those meals that you have guaranteed or any meals over what you guaranteed. A meal guarantee is required for buffet options as well but when the count is off, it is not so obvious.

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