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Wedding DIY – Money Saver or Sanity Stealer?

This week in our “Ask the Wedding Planner – Wednesday” segment we chat about Wedding DIY:

“I really need to save money on this wedding. Is Wedding “DIY” or “doing it yourself” a good idea to save money?”

Alpha Prosperity Event Blog Post - Wedding DIY - Money Saver or Sanity Stealer?

Wedding DIY – Money Saver or Sanity Stealer?

There are many opinions, both good and bad about wedding DIY.  For the brides that actually have the talent, creativity and time to bring forth the actual wedding day vision, wedding DIY, is  a great option. We all have seen those beautiful wedding events that are done with such attention to detail, you would swear the bride had Martha Stewart coaching her for every project. If that is you, and you have the time and a team to make it happen, that is awesome. Go forth and create those one of a kind touches that are personal and unique to your wedding day. On the other side of the coin, when DIY projects go bad, they go bad quickly, and it just seems to grow and grow like a snowball rolling down hill. Before taking on a wedding DIY project, make sure it’s worth your time, energy and attention to detail, because DIY is not for the faint at heart. If you are looking for everything to be simple and perfect, think again.

Take this example – You want floating candles and floral in various sized vases on all of your 15 tables. Seems simple enough, but the florist wants to charge you a certain amount and you think you can do everything on your own for far less the expense. You head out to purchase vases at this store and that because you are determined to get the best deal, even if it means you have to drive across town on three different weekends, just to get the vases you want. Now these vases are purchased off the showroom floor so the store clerk in haste to check you out may wrap them in a few sheets of paper and even double bag it for you.  Mission accomplished; you have several bags of vases and you keep them all in one area so that you don’t forget any of them.


The big day arrives and your venue has given you two hours to set up everything. You and your trusted friends begin unwrapping the vases, only to find the price labels still on them, in the most obvious places. And we all know, the adhesive is not going to cooperate and come off smoothly. You are trying to remove the labels and remove the finger smudges, when some of your friends announce they have to go because you are now dipping into their beauty regiment time. In frustration and haste, one of the vases falls to the floor and breaks.  You also notice while unwrapping some of the other vases, that some of them have chipped, obviously from being transported in the bags and wrapping you left them in, thinking they would be safe. Now, you are short on vases, time and patience to complete your very simple centerpiece idea. Can you say STRESS!!! And let’s not forget the end of the night, when all of those DIY details have to be removed, again, within a designated amount of time. You have other plans as to how you want to end the wedding event and clearing the venue space is definitely not it. You are going to be tired and so will your family and friends, but the same care that went into putting the items out, has to be used to take them back up.

Scenarios like this make choosing a professional to assist you, more than worth the money. Yes, you may be paying a bit more but think of the gas, time and sanity you save yourself when someone else, who knows how to handle details like this, is responsible. If you had selected a professional day-of-coordinator, florist or decorator, the labels would have already have been removed, the vases would have been clean and spotless and if one broke in transit, there would have been a backup to replace it. The professionals also have a team of assistants to make sure the setup gets done within the time allotted. At the end of the event, those professionals swoop in, pack up items properly and leave the venue, all without you lifting a finger.

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We love wedding diy but ultimately it is a personal choice that really requires a lot of planning and forethought. Before choosing one way or the other, make sure to review all of the options available and decide what your bottom line is. If overall, wedding diy is only going to save you around $25.00, as opposed to what the florist or decorator was charging, is it worth it?

We would love to hear your thoughts on Wedding DIY projects that you have been a part of and for more Wedding DIY or other wedding planning inspirations, feel free to visit with us on Pinterest.

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  1. This is “sound” advice for the DIY bride! Also, as being a wedding planner myself I totally agree with this. It’s hard to be a bride, and attempt to set-up/break down a wedding ceremony & reception.

    You have perfect examples, and time is everything on a wedding day. During a set-up time is certainly KEY!

    Great Post!

  2. I agree DIY is not for the faint of heart. You have to really love creating and being inspired while still accounting for your spending, it’s a very fine line!

  3. This is awesome! Creating small details are cute and creative but you need TIME. And great question, if it’s only going to save you a few bucks why diy? Very good post Courtney. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I have seen some amazing DIY projects and some epic fail ones too – I wholeheartedly agree that DIY is for the very experienced or if you have a huge team of family & friends able to help – even that isnt guaranteed a DIY success…my advice – leave it to the professionals!