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Wedding Day Emergency MVP – the Safety Pin

And the Wedding Day Emergency MVP award goes to… the Safety Pin.

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As defined, MVP or Most Valuable Player is an honor bestowed on the best-performing or player that contributes the most to a team. The MVP is usually the player that comes through  in clutch time, or has managed to save the day by their performance. When it comes to  a wedding day emergency, nothing comes through like the safety pin. Of the many elements and expectations required of a wedding planner, a major expectation is to provide a well stocked wedding day emergency kit to meet the needs of every emergency that comes up. This emergency kit is full of items that the bride, groom, wedding party or wedding guest may need to fully enjoy the wedding day festivities without worry. Of all the items contained within my emergency kit, nothing gets more utilized and requires replacement like the safety pin. The safety pin is everyone’s best friend and I can’t remember a wedding or event that didn’t need at least one or two to meet some emergency. Heck, as a wedding planner, I would be concerned if the safety pin was any more valuable, because then the bride wouldn’t need me. Whew, thank goodness the safety pin doesn’t have a brain. (Insert nervous laugh.) Not every wedding day emergency is solved with a safety pin but a well placed safety pin can keep the celebration going with a minimal amount of effort required. 

On the day of the wedding, there are so many uses for the safety pin, some obvious and some not so obvious. Some obvious uses for the safety pin:

  • Wedding dress bustle has broken or won’t stay in place – reach for a safety pin
  • Broken zipper – reach for a safety pin
  • Lost a button – reach for a safety pin
  • Dress is exposing more than you bargained for – reach for a safety pin
  • The covered button on the groom or groomsmen tuxedo has come off – reach for a safety pin


Some not so obvious uses:

  • Don’t want to wear your engagement ring down the aisle but want to be able to wear it immediately after – reach for a safety pin and pin your engagement ring inside your wedding dress, within easy reach.
  • Want to carry something special like a locket, small photo other significant piece that doesn’t fit your wedding attire? Create a decorative brooch with beads and the object and pin it inside your dress or jacket (for the groom).
  • Static cling in a bridesmaid’s dress or groomsmen’s pants that won’t go away? Tame static electricity by fastening a metal safety pin to the inner seam or hem of the garment. Poof, static cling is gone.

So if you are choosing to go it alone, without a wedding planner or their trusty emergency kit, make sure you bring the next, most valuable player,  lots of safety pins, because you and your wedding party are gonna need them.

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  1. I love what you did here. And I agree, a robust wedding day emergency kit it a must for any wedding planner! The safety pin is an absolute chameleon in it’s many uses. My other secret emergency kit weapon is double sided tape. It secures clothing and details and conceals well!

  2. Great post! Every member of the bridal party should be aware of this!

  3. This is an excellent combination of practical use (static cling, wow) and wedding-theme (something blue). Very creative. This would be a great way to connect with wholesalers and retail these very items.

  4. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve experienced the safety pin more ways than one! A must have for anyone’s emergency bridal kit on wedding day! I especially love the picture above of the safety pin that has something old, new, borrowed, and blue.