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Unity Ceremony Ideas – Think Personality & Decor

Unity Ceremony Ideas, Unity Candle, Alpha Prosperity Events, Missouri City Texas Wedding PlannerYour wedding day is quickly approaching and you still have not decided on what you all will do for unity ceremony. The unity ceremony is usually done to symbolize the joining of a man and woman as husband and wife, but there are different ideas and variations to allow for families to take part as well. When considering the many options for your unity ceremony, think personality and decor. How can you infuse your personalities into whatever you choose to symbolize your union and how can you incorporate your choice into your home and married life.

I am always interested in ideas or ways of incorporating items used at your wedding into the decor of your home. So when creating the plan for your unity ceremony, try using items that will add to the decor or specialness of your first home, together. That way, everytime you look at the item, it can remind you of your special day and the love you have for each other. There are so many more options other than the unity candle, but know that the unity candle is still a beautiful idea and creates a special task for those who are representing each of your families in the lighting of the family candle. Here are a few more ideas we want to share to help personalize your unity ceremony, making it both special and memorable for years to come.

If you are having a sand ceremony, personalize your sand decanter with photos, or monogram and your wedding date. To make it even more personal, both of you can bring sand from a favorite beach or destination. Create a desciption of the two sands joining together, never to be seperated or seen apart.

Unity Ceremony Ideas, sand ceremony, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

Image via Pinterest

Unity Ceremony Ideas, Sand Ceremony, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

Photo by Maria Rodriguez


Water unity ceremonies are another option. It provides a lot of flexibility when the use use of candles is met with some difficulty. To add a bit of flair or “magic”, use the correct amounts of two different colors that when combined, will make a totally different color or just add food coloring to the bottom of the central vase and the couple each pours clear water from a vessel. The water in the central vase will change color. Talk about great symbolism.

Unity Ceremony Ideas, Water Ceremony, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

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Unity Ceremony Ideas, Water Ceremony

Image by Beautiful One Photography


How about a tree planting ceremony, where you have a small tree placed in a planter and your families add soil from your childhood homes or neighborhoods. You two then add the last bits of soil to the tree in the planter. As the tree grows, you all can then plant the tree in the yard of your first home together and watch it grow and flourish as you marriage grows and flourishes.

Unity Ceremony Ideas, tree planting ceremony, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

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Unity Ceremony Ideas, Tree Planting Ceremony,

Image from Twigs and Posies


My favorites of late have been unity ideas that can serve as art work in your home, something like the unity cross or unity heart.

Unity Ceremony Ideas, Unity Cross

Image by Jared Platt

Unity Ceremony Ideas, Unity Heart

Unity Heart


One that is gaining popularity is the paint ceremony. As the two of you add your paints to the canvas, an abstract art piece is made by the two of you on the most significant day of your lives as husband and wife. Not only would it be a nice way to start your art collection, but it would also be a beautiful piece to hang over the fireplace, in the entryway or in your master bedroom.

Unity Ceremony Ideas, Paint Ceremony,

Image by Matt Shumate

Image by Matt Shumate

Image by Matt Shumate

Whatever you choose to symbolize your commitment and joining as one, make sure it is something that speaks to who you are as a couple and highlights your personality.

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  1. Great ideas. Some of these I’d never heard of like the painting ceremony.

  2. These are some great ideas! I especially love the unity cross.

  3. I did a sand ceremony in July and it was absolutely beautiful. However, I love, love, love these ceremony ideas for the containers. #thumbsup!

  4. Courtney, thank you for these ideas. I really like the tree planting one, so much symbolism. Hadn’t heard of it till now as something to do for the unity ceremony.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Nancy. I think the symbolism is key. Whatever you decide to do to symbolize the day, make it meaningful and use things that will remind you for years to come.

  5. Love these unique ideas. The most important part of the day is the ceremony so couples should try and make it as intimate and personal as possible.