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Tree Inspired Wedding & Event Design

Where can you find inspiration to create or direct the vision for your dream wedding day? Really, just about anywhere. It’s all about what speaks to you and from what I can tell, nothing is speaking louder than a tree inspired wedding design. Is it a rustic thing, a woodsy thing? I am not sure but I do know that some sort of tree inspired design has been around for a long time and will probably be around for a while longer.

Take for example the Church of Trees, Belgium. Now, I don’t believe this place actually exists as seen in the photo but it is said that there may be a bike trail somewhere in Belgium that inspired the creation of the photo. Be that as it may, can you just imagine how it would feel to walk down something like this on your wedding day?! Oh my! The awesomeness and wonder to say “I Do,” in this cathedral of trees would be amazing. Don’t you think?Tree Inspired Wedding Design, Luxe Finds, Missouri City Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events BlogHow many weddings inspired by trees, where a tree is the backdrop come to your mind? Well here are a few famous ones and some not so famous.

Remember the famous Twilight Wedding. It inspired quite a number of weddings but for most it wasn’t the movie that inspired, but the rustic, romantic feel of trees in a woodsy type setting. And who can forget the wedding of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas. If you are looking for trees as the back drop for your wedding day, you definitely can’t miss with Big Sur, California. Just make sure you get the permit to stage a grand wedding affair there otherwise, you could get hit with a hefty fine.

Tree Inspired Wedding - Divi-Divi Tree in Aruba

For those who love the tropics and fun in the sun, the Divi Trees of Aruba provide the inspiration for many destination weddings on the beach.

Tree Inspired Wedding, Oak Tree Manor, Spring, Texas, Alpha Prosperity Events, Missouri City Wedding PlannerI couldn’t let the opportunity to share one of our recent weddings slip away. This tree is highly sought after but easily found at Oak Tree Manor in Spring, Texas. It’s beautiful in the daytime but at night, all lit up, this oak tree has been a witness to many weddings.

For the outdoor wedding, trees have always been a strong source of inspiration but they inspire just as much on the inside as well.

Tree Inspired Wedding and Event Design, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

Votive candles and garlands of orchids and crystals hang down from tall Manzanita trees in this photo inspiration from The Knot.

Tree Inspired Wedding and Event Design, Alpha Prosperity Events BlogPreston Bailey is famous for using trees as inspiration for many of his designs. He creates tree decor that is always beautiful and always amazing. He knows how to bring the outdoors, in.

Tree Inspired Wedding and Event Design, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

A guest fingerprint tree is a wonderful alternative to a guest book and it’s a piece that you can proudly display in your new home together.

Tree Inspired Wedding and Event Design, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

And last but not least, a tree inspired wedding cake by Pink Cake Box. Highlighted here is the look and blossoms of the Dogwood tree. Nothing inspires wedding ceremony and reception decor quite like the tree. So you see, inspiration for your special day is all around you. Sometimes, you just gotta look up and enjoy the shade. See you next time! Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events       Alpha Prosperity Events – Missouri City, Texas Wedding Planner. Providing full service wedding planning and event coordination services to the greater Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us today to select your choice of wedding planning and event coordination services. <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

  1. hahahah, as I was reading the first paragraph, and before scrolling down to the second picture, I immediately thought of the “Twilight” wedding! I am not an outdoorsey person, but I do love a beautiful tree, draped with crystals, jewels, jewelry of some sort. Perhaps an evening wedding, with lightning, and draping would be one I wouldn’t mind being a witness to experience one’s wedding. The picture of Church of Trees, Belgium is very beautiful.

  2. OMG those cathedral trees are really spectacular! Just goes to show that really beautiful and breath-taking things can’t be bought.

  3. I love trees, and I love this growing wedding trend, using nature as the backdrop is awesome! The first picture is so stunning WOW (imagine …..walking down the aisle through that).. I love all the examples you used. The photos are nice, I think if a bride wants a natural, rustic and romantic feel trees are the way to go!

  4. We LOVE incorporating nature within a wedding. Thanks for sharing this stunning inspiration!