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Tips for Wedding Day Mishaps

Wedding Day MishapsNo matter how hard you try or how much you plan, wedding day mishaps are bound to happen. Planning ahead with proper tools and an arsenal of professionals is a great way to handle and address these mishaps. Some mishaps can’t be fixed but armed with a few tips to address some of the most common wedding day mishaps, the celebration can move forward without you being too overwhelmed or dissapointed.

Wedding Day Mishap – The bustle on my wedding dress broke.

With a properly prepared emergency kit (your wedding planner or coordinator will have one), this is a simple fix. Get a needle and thread that matches the dress or some clear fishing line. Identify the location of the broken bustle hook, loop or tie and use your needle to affix.

Wedding Day Mishap – I woke up with a huge zit on my face.

Don’t pick at it. First, get an ice cube and place it on the blemish to help reduce the swelling. Second, dab it, not rub, with a medicated concealer the same color as your skin. (You may want to be on the lookout for this type of concealer, far in advance of your wedding day.) Set the concealer with a light layer of powder and apply the rest of your makeup as usual. If you are using a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, they will have everything you need to keep you looking flawless.

Wedding Day Mishap – The lilies from the centerpiece has stained my outfit.

Lilies are one of my favorite flowers, but their orange dust can be a pain! A good, professional florist will remove the little culprits for you but they are not always able to get each and everyone. The good news is, if you happen to brush past a bloom and get some dust on your clothes use a chenille pipe cleaner to brush off the powder. If it remains, place your garment outside in direct sunlight for 1 hour. This should remove the stain completely!!

Wedding Day Mishap – I spilled wine on my dress.

Dab gently with a clean, white cloth to soak up as much of the stain as you can, dabbing toward the middle of the stain, not out to the side. Pour a small amount of club soda on the stain and continue dabbing until the stain comes out. Use a blow dryer on low heat to dry the spot. Cover any remaining stain with white chalk or talcum powder.

Wedding Day Mishap – The Pastor is late and won’t make it to the wedding within a reasonable period of time.

Unless you have someone among your guest attendees, it is very unlikely that you will find a legal officiate that can arrive in time at such late notice. Go ahead and continue the wedding celebration as planned by having someone stand in for the officiate. Choose someone that knows the two of you, with the gift of gab. Make sure they are comfortable with the idea of speaking in  public. No, you won’t be legally married on your wedding day because the person is not authorized to actually marry you, but at least your ceremony and reception can continue as planned. Arrange with the pastor to get married in a simple ceremony with a couple witnesses at a later hour or date to make the wedding legal. Make sure you are aware of the time requirements of the license before waiting several days to make the marriage legal.

Wedding Day MishapsWedding Day Mishap – One of the selected vendors (florist, photographer, dj, etc) didn’t show up.

Now is not the time to rant about “why.” Keep a cool head because you need to think fast. Gather members of your family and bridal party to see who can come to the rescue on short notice. Florist didn’t show? Send someone to the closet grocery to purchase floral, ribbon and votive candles. Roses and hydrangeas can always work in a pinch and are usually available. They may not be the exact color you want but a neutral color will work. A long stem rose or a stem of hydrangea, wrapped in ribbon can work wonders as bouquets or as centerpieces coupled with some votive candles here and there.  Photographer didn’t show? Just about everyone has a cellphone with a camera these days. You may even have someone bring an actual camera. Have family and friends take as many photos and videos as possible and ask them to send the photos to you. They won’t be professional photos but you will have some pretty interesting memories of the day. DJ didn’t show? The venue may have some dinner music to entertain guests that can be played over their speaker system and I am sure someone will have some great music downloaded on their phones. If there is internet available at the venue, Pandora Music to the rescue.

Whatever your emergency or mishap may be, the key to getting past it is to remain calm. There are mishaps that can be fixed quickly and some that just can’t be fixed in a timely fashion. Your guests will take their cue from you. If you are upset and in a foul mood, that is what they will remember. If you are calm and celebrate with vigor – no matter what, then your guests will join in to make the day and festivities even more memorable for you.

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