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Tips to Selecting A Wedding Venue

Wedding Planning - Selecting a VenueWe work with many brides in the beginning stages of the wedding planning process. Their emotions and energy levels are all over the place and it really gives me joy to help a bride make planning decisions for one of the most important days of her life.  We are currently working with a bride who is a very busy professional. She doesn’t have the time to plan a beautiful wedding but that doesn’t mean she can’t have one.  Because she’s busy, she hired us to assist her in the wedding planning process. We shared some tips to ease the process of selecting a wedding reception venue and of course, she found the one that was perfect for her and the vision she had for the wedding day. This bride went in with a vision in mind, toured four venues, picked the perfect one and has already sealed the deal.

When you find the wedding ceremony or reception venue that speaks to you, seal the deal and have some real conversations about reserving it. I have seen many a bride fall in love with a space and lose it because she wanted to see a few more spaces. And usually, seeing a few more spaces will turn into seeing a few more and then another few more. Too many options will create a confused bride that can’t make a decision. When she finally decides on the venue she wants, she contacts the venue, ready to sign, only to be disappointed to find that another bride has already booked it.  Don’t do this to yourself.

Research three to five options that you love and that fit within your vision and budget and then choose from those. Don’t tour, consider, interview or waste time with venues that are not within your budget, or wedding day vision.

Planning a wedding should be enjoyable so keep the process simple. If you need help along the way, feel free to give us a shout because brain overload is not allowed!

Happy Planning!


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  1. Thanks for these insights, Courtney. Choosing wedding venues indeed should never sound like a heavy burden. For practical people, establishments nowadays have become more preferred than outdoors because they usually have a one-size-fits-all feel and its staff are probably well equipped to take care of the dirty work for you, which may include post-party cleanup.