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Tips to Seat Your Wedding Guests

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Tips to Seat Your Wedding Guests – Alpha Prosperity Events

This week in our “Ask the Wedding Planner Wednesday” segment, we tackle the seating plan. In my everyday wedding planning adventures, I gets lots of questions from brides and invariably, I will get a question about seating for their wedding guests or how to create a seating chart. I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel when there is already great advice and tips on the subject and one of my “oldie but goodie” blogs, Rogue Bride, shared some great information, some time back, on how to seat your guests for optimal fun, conversation and tactical placement of those “special guests,”. It was just too funny, with “real deal” info not to share.

Check out the excerpt below from Rogue Bride’s post on “How to Make Your Wedding Fun.”

“Seating Chart: Seating charts tend to be dictated by friends and family politics. Forget that. Seat the people you can’t stand by the bathroom (or as far away from you as possible), and for everyone else, plot out your 8 to 10 seat tables like this:

  • Think of people you have always wanted to introduce, but never been able to get them all in the same room before. Put them at a table together. Even if they’re a mix of family members and friends.
  • Put people with similar interests together – like a bunch of writers/creatives, or world travelers.
  • Group your family members to be within their comfort zones – with sensitivity to special requests. I had a cousin who’s always felt left-out of family affairs, so to the consternation of some, I sat her and her out-cast-complexed family with my Grandfather, the patriarch, and made sure they were in family photos. You can right a lot of wrongs with a wedding (or create new ones if you’re not careful).
  • I sat my nasty Aunt D and her family by the bathroom, with a buffer of bridesmaids between our tables.
  • Most importantly, shoot people an email telling them “Hey, I sat you next to Kitty and Carlisle because I always thought you should know each other – here’s what you have in common!” People are shy at weddings. Giving them a pre-wedding heads-up will break the ice and help ensure a good time.”


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Tips for Seating Your Wedding Guest

DIY Seating Chart by Something Turquoise

When looking for ideas to seat your wedding guests, to simplify things, you can find lots of templates to help you visualize and create a seating chart for each table or you can simply use an excel spreadsheet if you are so inclined, but the key is to start early, after the RSVP’s are in and to know your guests personalities and quirks. Also, be mindful of your senior guests. Don’t place them too close to the band or loud speakers because they will find conversation with other guests difficult.

Happy Planning!

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  1. This is a great blog about doing the seating chart. Great information shared.