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Thirsty Thursday – Cash Bar Alternatives

Pinterest, signature cocktail, wedding reception drinks, cash bar alternative, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog, Thirsty ThursdayToday and each Thursday we bring you “Thirsty Thursday”, where we share our research, pinterest finds and alternatives to the cash bar. With the many expenses involved with wedding planning, couples are having to make some hard decisions about where to cut in their budget. Many couples are finding that one of the most significant places to cut the budget is in the liquor and alcohol portion of the wedding reception. Most wedding planning professionals agree that it is a bad idea to offer a cash bar option to your wedding guests but in the end, the couple has the last say on that decision.

Instead of offering a cash bar, consider having a “limited” bar. Serve only soda, beer, and wine or have a champagne toast. Some couples offer a snazzy signature cocktail as a choice to their wedding guest. It is usually a more affordable option, which cuts down on the different liquors and ingredients required to stock the bar.

Whatever flavor or drink you decide is right to represent you or one for each of you, make sure you let everyone know the name of your cocktail and what the ingredients are. Make it fun and festive, something that goes with the flavor or theme of your wedding reception.

Pinterest, Cash Bar Alternative, Signature Cocktail, Wedding Reception Alcohol, Thirsty Thursday Blog Posting, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events

Signage for Signature Cocktail – Pinterest

Make sure you join us each week as we discover the cocktails with flavor and color to match your wedding day vision. When you realize the many options, we hope a cash bar will become less of an alternative for your wedding reception.

  1. Good stuff !!!!!!

  2. Yes, these are such awesome ideas. Really the bar is what tips a wedding budget into overload. I have found when you limit the bar everyone still has a great time and your budget is still in tack.

  3. I like Thirsty Thursday and how you are researching how couples can find other alternatives to the cash bar. This is very informative.

  4. So agree, signature cocktails are the way to go as a great trend and as a cost saver!