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Rainy Day Wedding Inspiration

When you are prepared, there is no need to fret over a rainy wedding day forecast. To help you get prepared check out some rainy day wedding inspiration to help you make the most out of a rainy day blessing.

Rainy Day Wedding Inspiration

Photo Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

If by chance it happens to rain on your big day and you are prepared, you can make the most of the moment with fun rainy day accessories to really add some personality to your wedding day photos.

Photo Source: Bridal Guide Magazine

Purchasing matching umbrellas that coordinate with your wedding color decor or fun rain boots as gifts for your bridesmaids can add just the right touch or pop of color, as well as calm your nerves when the rain starts to fall. When you prepare for it, so many fun photography options become available to capture during those special wedding day moments in the rain.

Photo Source: Loverly

Love this idea of a Rain Jar for a rainy day wedding, (idea and photo by Kimberly Brooke Photography) where what seems like an inconvenience can be cherished forever! Collect some rain on the wedding day and give to the couple!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Does rain on your wedding day really signify good luck? I like to think so. Rain signifies blessings, and blessings signify prosperity.  It is therefore considered good luck if it rains on that special day, due to the hopeful expectations of a happy, prosperous life together.

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  1. What neat ideas especially in a moment where one may be bummed due to rain. However, all these suggestions make that event a fun and colorful one. I really like the rain jar idea, so creative and unique.

  2. I’ve always heard rain on your big day means good luck. Either way, being prepared is a must. You have given some great “must haves” for a rainy wedding day.

  3. Love the rain boots and the idea of collecting rainwater is so cute! Great post 🙂

  4. I loved the idea. Yes, you need to stay prepared in advance if your wedding day happens to be a rainy day. The next best thing you can do is hire a wedding planner and rest your concerns.