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Preparation and Wedding Day Planning

Preparation and wedding day planning, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events. Wedding Planning Professional

When the time for performance arrives, the time for preparation is past.”

Make sure the details for your wedding planning or special event are in the hands of one who is prepared and knows how to make the right preparations and decisions at the right time. Proper preparation is achieved through experience. By defintion alone, it is the “work or planning involved in making something or somebody ready or in putting something together in advance.” Alpha Prosperity Events has more than 15 years of event planning experience with 7 of those years focused in wedding planning and this experience has taught us to always be prepared and ready to handle any and everything.  We know the tricks and fixes to provide you with the peace of mind you expect when hiring a professional. We understand the importance of your trust and we work hard to earn and keep it.

Executing your desired wedding day plan or vision is key. Our job is to make sure the necessary plans and preparations have been made to accomplish that vision, with a “plan B,” just in case; because let’s face it, no one wants to even think about “plan B.” When the proper preparation and wedding day planning combine,  you can enjoy the festivities and celebration of the day, knowing that any mishaps will be handled or that plan B is ready. With proper preparations and wedding day planning a seemless wedding day event is possible.

Are you planning a wedding event and want to assure that all the proper preparations have been made for your big day? Want to assure yourself that peace of mind that only an experienced wedding planner or day of coordinator can give? Then contact us today to get started.




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  1. Great pitch… loved it.

  2. These are excellent reasons why a bride and groom need a wedding planner coordinator! Most brides will plan their wedding once, but wedding planners plan wedding, after wedding, after wedding, and thus have more experience and perhaps knowledge in executing a bride and groom’s special day without a hitch…well without a hitch of them knowing!

  3. Courtney, great job of providing what sets you apart from others and how you can help a Bride plan a wedding that is exactly what she wants!