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Pop-Up Weddings: the Stylish, Trendy Alternative to Eloping

Pop-Up weddings are the perfect alternative to eloping in Las Vegas or City Hall!

Pop-Up Wedding and Elopement Planning, PopUp Wed-Houston, Alpha Prosperity Events, Wedding Couple Have you heard about the new wedding craze that’s sweeping the nation? It’s called the Pop-Up Wedding and it has become a worldwide trend for the couple looking to escape the wedding planning fuss of venue searches, seating charts, and battling with interfering, over-bearing family members. The Pop-Up Wedding is perfect for couples that want their wedding day on a smaller scale, with a shorter timeline, but still with a lot of fun. These couples are choosing to marry differently, bypassing the stress and headaches of year long planning and the financial burden of a large wedding. Pop-Up Wedding and Elopement Planning, PopUp Wed - Houston, Alpha Prosperity Events Alpha Prosperity Events has assembled a great team of wedding vendors to offer Pop-Up Weddings in the greater Houston, Missouri City, Sugar Land and Galveston areas. These weddings allow for an intimate celebration with some great wedding vendors already selected and prepared to cater to you, on the big day. All you have to do is get the license, and pop-up at the designated time and designated place, with a few of your nearest and dearest to celebrate the moment with you. We take care of all the rest. “What might the rest include?”  It includes a private ceremony in a special place or location, a photographer to capture the moment, a small bouquet and boutonniere, music to get you in the mood and down the aisle, a small cake and champagne for toasting and celebrating and last but not least, an officiate to make it all nice and legal. Small, intimate weddings are a fun and trendy way to get married and we are ready to help Houston area couples do it with style. For more information about our Pop-Up Wedding packages and available dates, email us at

Pop-up Weddings, Party and Wedding Decor

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If you are interested in more information about Pop-Up Weddings in your area, check out the International Pop Up Weddings Association (IPUWA). Pop-Up Weddings are popping up every where so book yours, in your city now. Missouri City Texas Wedding Planner, Alpha Prosperity Events





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  1. So fun! Great for the couple does not want a large ‘traditional’ wedding. I actually considered this myself but we are opting for a small intimate wedding instead.

  2. Pop-up shops are becoming a hot thing why not pop-up weddings? This is a great idea especially those couples who want to avoid “bossy” family members that want things their way. I love the idea.

  3. We’ve definitely seen this as a trend occurring more frequently in our area – esp with couples who have been together for a very long time & want to just make it official without all the extra planning a regular wedding requires!

  4. I enjoy this idea so much I would love to offer the same service in my area. Great post!