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Love Quote Saturday – Movie Lines

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Love Quote Saturday

Hello everyone. It’s Saturday and that can only mean that it is wedding day for some beautiful, happy couple out there. Is Saturday the only day for weddings and marriage? Of course not. But it is the day we choose to celebrate    weddings and wedding events with our weekly segment, Love Quote Saturday.

This week we share several famous quotes found at our favorite hangout spot, Pinterest. These quotes are famous because most of us remember at least one from a movie of our time. I could probably add a few to this list but I think you get the gist.

Why not do something fun with these or other movie quotes for your wedding reception or other special event. What do I have in mind, you ask? How about instead of table numbers, name your tables for famous movies and list a love quote as well. It will definitely get your guests talking.

Love Quote Saturday, Movie Titles, Alpha Prosperity Events

The Wedding Hunter

Now that’s a cool idea. You can do it with any of the quotes you have seen or will see here. Now that’s a reason to keep coming back. If you need additional planning ideas like this, more specific to your wedding event, give us a shout. We have so many ideas, just for you!

Until next week!



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