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Italy Inspired Wedding Ideas

I spent some time this weekend, seeking inspiration to create an idea board for one of our new engaged couples. They are really cute and are very intent on having each others input for their wedding day. The bride-to-be  is so serious about making sure that the groom-to-be is involved, that she has given him specific tasks to complete. One of those tasks was to find the wedding planner to help with some of the final selections and design elements. By the way, sending a huge thank you to the groom for recommending us to your bride to be.

When I begin working with a couple, I always like to create an idea board to help communicate the couples vision of the look and feel of their wedding day.  This  couple wanted their wedding day to say romantic and elegant, with a bit of an Italian theme. They recently, traveled to Italy and loved it. They want to incorporate some Italian touches, mostly through the architecture of the venue and with the use of wine and wine bottles. They have selected a wonderful venue that captures the Italian architecture perfectly, but this couple is not Old Word Italy, so I wanted to incorporate some of the more modern, elegant, and luxurious feels of  Southern Italy or the Italian Riviera.  Inspiration is every where. You just have to open your eyes and allow yourself to see and feel what you feel.

The Hh Florence Hotel in Italy

The photos above offered just the right feel of inspiration. Stay tuned. We will unveil the inspiration board we created later this week.

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