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“Is It Important to YOU?” – Wedding Planning With You In Mind

Many brides and grooms have made the mistake of having someone else’s wedding instead of their own because they did not know or articulate what vision was important to them. They listened to everyone else’s dreams and priorities, before figuring out what they wanted. If you don’t make a decision about what is important to you, you stand the chance of being the guest of honor at an event designed for someone else and not you.

What do you want to remember about the event? What do you want your guests to take away from the event? What’s the one or two things you must have to be thrilled by your event? What is not that big a deal or a must have for you?

Many brides get caught up in what they have seen at other weddings and on television. Brides believe that they have to have this or that because Becky Sue did it at her wedding or mom saw it and always wanted that for her daughter’s wedding. If it is something you absolutely hate, then don’t do it to please anyone. You will wind up with that as the only memory of your special day and you will resent the person who you were trying to please in the first place. If you want something different or out of the ordinary, do it. And if you have concerns about how to make it work, hire a wedding planner. They can work with you on a consultation basis or planning basis to help create your unusual element. You may also find that when you hire a planner, they may have suggestions to take your idea and design even further, creating the day and vision of your dreams.

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