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Encore Wedding Planning Ideas & Trends

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Because This Time It’s Different!

Applauding our encore brides and grooms for their courage, and belief that love conquers all, I just wanted to share a few planning tidbits to consider while on your encore wedding planning journey. It is estimated that 40% of  all weddings are encore weddings. An encore wedding is defined as a wedding where the bride and/or groom was married before and have now chosen to embark on a new life journey with another person.

Have your wedding celebration your way. Don’t let the well-meaning thoughts or opinions of others, deter you from the day you both have envisioned. If you want traditional, do traditional. If you want casual, do casual.

Be open to the suggestions or feelings of your intended. Have a real discussion about what is important to your both and LISTEN. Is this their first wedding? Is this an encore wedding for them? What is important to him or her? Plan your celebration together.

Make sure you both have put closure on a previous marriage, legally, financially and emotionally. Nobody likes surprises and if your affairs aren’t in order, then you must delay the union  or you may find yourself dealing with hassles that will make you and your future spouse very unhappy.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday’s are great options for your event. Not only will you find great deals on venues and vendor pricing but wedding events on those days tend to be less stressful and more relaxed.

Wear what you feel defines you. You can wear white if you want to but consider wearing something that defines the person that you have become.

Dress for where you are going or where your event will take place. If you’re having a simple courthouse ceremony, try a beautiful tailored suit.  If you’re eloping in fun and festive Las Vegas, wear that fun, sexy, short dress. Having your encore wedding on the beach, dress for the sand, surf and breeze.

Step-families and remarriages are relationships that deserve to be celebrated.  If your children are up to it and excited about the union, have them participate in the wedding ceremony or other activities. Don’t push for activity if they are not ready; let the relationship row and build itself.

Don’t concern yourself with any nay sayers or party-poopers. They won’t get why you feel the need to have a wedding event.  Your love and commitment for each other deserves celebrating, and if others don’t get it, then that’s their problem, not yours.

Need help planning your special day? Give us a call. Encore weddings are our specialty. We know what it takes to create a beautiful wedding day experience because we’ve been there. Second weddings are a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the choice to love again so just have fun with it.



  1. This post is great. Encore couples should be empowered and confident to express their journey in a special way.Wonderful Advice.

    • Thank you for commenting. As an encore bride, I couldn’t agree more. Being in love is special and should be celebrated no matter how many tries it takes to find that one. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great information! Thanks! My hubby and I are going to renew our vows next May (9 years) we wanted to be different! So it an encore-renewal 1st actual ceremony. We got married in our pastor’s study extremely casual. Going for something casually elegant this time. Will be checking your site for tips and ideas. Just wanted to say how proud I am of you Courtney. You are doing it! Peace, blessings, joy, love and prosperity to you!

  3. LOVE THIS! What a great “term” for a second marriage since I had never heard it put that way. I can say I had an “encore” wedding since my husband was previously married and we had a beautiful wedding!

  4. Nice article, often times second marriages are not given the same amount of attention as the first, so this is really a great way to show every wedding is just as important as the first.

  5. Great article with some wonderful tips! I just love the term Encore Bride! Puts a whole new spin on the planning process.

    • Karen, I do enjoy the spin on the planning process for encore brides. I find these brides are focused on the things that are truly important to them as a couple and not just the bride.

  6. I absolutely love this term “Encore” for a second marriage. I found this very informative as if I were an encore bride.

  7. Love this post! I have had a few friends who were Encore brides and unfortunately they listened to everyone else and didn’t have what they wanted. I continuously heard them say I can’t do that because I was married before. I say who cares! Have what you want! Glad to see these tips

    • Thank you Lynn. That is exactly why a cater to encore brides, because someone has told them that they can’t have what makes them happy for their wedding day.

  8. Courtney, I love this article. It’s not often addressed, but like you said, 40%. What I think is most special in these ceremonies is when the couple also gives vows to any children involved. Vowing to be good parents and asking for acceptance into their family. Makes the children apart of the process, which is so important.

  9. Wonderful tips Courtney! Are Encore weddings your speciality?

    • Yes Nancy, Encore Weddings are my specialty. I really love doing those because I get the opportunity to relieve the fear and anxiety that a lot of second time brides have about having another wedding in a big way.

  10. I am an encore wife and the second time around was AMAZING b/c I did it the way I wanted to it the first time, but my parents wouldn’t let me! 🙂 The second time around, I got married on a cruise ship and set sail with my wedding peeps and guests for 7 days. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

  11. Great comfort article to those walking down the aisle again!

  12. This is so true, so many times couples are worried about what others think instead of what they desire…Thanks for sharing.