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If you follow me and my biz on Facebook, I am sure that this is old news to you but last week, I attended the David Tutera – Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Dream Bigger Tour. I also got to meet David Tutera in person and I have to say, that man is amazing. He is a difference maker. He spent the evening talking about his beginnings, his dreams and his growth in the industry but nothing stuck with me more than the story he told about refusing to be on the cover of Bridal Guide magazine unless an African American model was on the cover next to him.  As a pioneering force in the wedding industry, he has worked to ensure that black brides and models are included in his magazine shoots and his show. He is a trail blazer, bringing attention to causes, necessity for change and the needs of others.

David Tutera, Alpha Prosperity Events, Missouri City Tx Wedding Planner

Bridal Guide Magazine – David Tutera

I learned a lot about David Tutera in that one evening but experiencing that brief, personal chat with him taught me why he is so successful.   The man LISTENS!  He has such a caring nature and when you talk to him face to face, he makes you feel as if he is totally engaged and that nothing else matters to him other than the conversation he is having with you at that very moment. If you watch his show, he connects with brides because they feel like he is listening and he totally gets them. Thank you Mr. Tutera for the insight into your world and for showing me how to dream bigger and in vibrant color.


Chatting with David Tutera

Every bride wants to feel special, to be heard and know that you get what she feels, needs, or is envisioning. We connect with our brides on that level but after watching Mr. Tutera in action, we can certainly turn it up a notch or two. We recognize that things won’t always go our way and the bride won’t always choose our vendors or selections, but if the bride radiates and is happy as a result of our being flexible and working with her to create the day of her dreams, then nothing else matters.  We choose to create a strong connection with our bride because that is what our bride deserves.

David Tutera, Dream Bigger

David Tutera – Bling!

Dream Bigger, David Tutera , Inspiration, Houston, Texas

David Tutera – Elegant Crystal

Wedding planning is our specialty and we take it very seriously. We attend educational conferences and industry workshops to grow our craft and on top of the newest wedding trends. Big things are happening for Alpha Prosperity Events and I am excited about the direction and possibilities of wedding planning and all that we have to offer to the bride looking for a personal connection and a one of a kind experience from this Missouri City Wedding Planner. Come join us as an Alpha Prosperity bride and experience an opportunity to dream all that’s possible for your wedding day.


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