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DIY Outdoor Wedding and Event Tips

Outdoor wedding decor, alpha prosperity event blog, gazebo decor, Missouri City Texas Wedding PlanningIf you are considering an outdoor space for your wedding ceremony or reception event, the sky is the limit for your decor options. You can be as elegant as you want or as casual as you want. I love the possibilities for outdoor spaces but make sure you choose a comfortable time of year to host outdoors or be prepared to bring in the necessary items to keep your guests comfortable.  Decor ideas can be as simple as embellishing what you already have access to. You will more than likely need to bring in items to keep your guests comfortable and the party atmosphere flowing.

Outdoor wedding decor, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planning, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

When considering table placement, make sure you allow enough space for guests to comfortable seat themselves and pass throughout the space. Don’t cram too many tables into the space if the space doesn’t allow for it.


White garden chairs and floral in white boxes create a visual impact for the ceremony aisle.  Floral in photo above created and designed by Arteflora Design ~ Houston.


Decor for outdoor doesn’t always require a lot. A few strategically placed potted plants with color added for cohesiveness, go a long way.

outdoor wedding decor, Missouri City Texas Wedding Planning, Alpha Prosperity Events Blog

Outdoor wedding events can get pretty warm, especially here in the Houston, Missouri City, TX  and surrounding areas. If your selected space doesn’t have a covered or sheltered area, you may need to seriously consider renting some sort of tenting option to keep your guests comfortable and sheltered from the elements.



  1. Good points to consider especially “spacing out” elements outdoors….for me heat aggravates me, and to be crammed outdoors in the heat will just aggravate me more. I do like though, that sometimes you don’t have to add much to an outdoor wedding, because the environment may already be beautiful, but love adding personal touches to make the day more personal.

  2. I would love to see more outdoor weddings using floral boxes for the ceremony aisle. And spacing is such an important consideration. Great post!

  3. I love that you pointed out the striking beautiful contrast of white chairs with the floral decor. So often those little details go unnoticed.