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Creativity – Under Construction & Out of the Box


This is not my normal day for blogging but I am excited about my activities of the day and just had to share. Today, I have been working on a creative project and I am just coming up for air at 6pm on a Sunday evening. First of all, I must send big shouts and nods of approval to Shaun Cox of A DIY Affair Weddings and Events, for pushing me to flex my creative juices for the Design or Bust Handcrafted Wedding Centerpiece Challenge. The concept calls for us as wedding professionals to share with couples the idea of using creativity and resources that are a readily available to them to create a unique and affordable wedding celebration. The challenge called for me to use items that I already had on hand in and around my home, studio, yard or garden and reuse, repurpose or recycle them to create a centerpiece concept.

I repurposed, reused and recycled several items that I found in my home and studio and I must say, I outdid myself with this one. I thought it would be difficult and almost decided not to take part in the challenge, but I am glad I decided to join in the fun because it forced me to think out of the box in the artsy sense. As I am a crisis manager and a problem fixer by nature, thinking out of the box in an analytical way comes easy, which explains why I am a great wedding planner and event coordinator. This challenge will help me to excel in both areas so that I can provide the best service to any and all of my wedding and event clients, no matter the budget.

Well, I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product, but you will have to wait until the challenge ends. After all my hard work, I don’t want to give the competition any helpful ideas and stuff (smile). I promise, it is worth the wait, so stay tuned.

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