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Wedding Table Decor – “Linen-less” Table Inspirations

Wedding table decor without linens? Who would have ever thought we would be seeing this trend? When thinking about the table decor for your wedding reception, there are lots of options and now those options include linen-less tables. With the right design elements, construction and detail, you can find […]

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Purple Signature Cocktail

Thirsty Thursday Signature Cocktail – The Lavender Collins I have a lot of purple schemed weddings approaching and finding a pretty, purple signature cocktail was on my to-do list. So glad I found this perfect lavender gem. I couldn’t find an exact recipe but that’s the fun […]

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Handling Difficult Relationships and Wedding Planning

As a wedding planner, I get lots of questions about the best way to handle all sorts of things; but the questions I get most, usually center around how to work with a difficult relationship involved in the planning process.  One of the best services I provide to […]

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Happy Anniversary – Mom & Dad

Taking some time to wish a wonderful, “Happy Anniversary,” to my mom and dad, celebrating 59 years of marriage. As I am sure they both would say, “that’s a long time.”  I have been surrounded by a number of good role models for marriage and I am thankful […]

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Signature Drink – The Ice Blue Sparkle

Signature Drink - The Ice Blue Sparkle

Our Thirsty Thursday  Signature Drink idea this week, comes from one of my local favorite bar services and bartender, Wade with Galaxy Bartending Services.  As Wade says, the bar is where the party starts and the service you hire can either make or break your event, so […]

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