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After the Wedding Day Celebration: No Coasting

BlogPost - Keys to Beautiful MarriageIt’s the day after the wedding. Now that all of the guest are gone and it’s just the two of you, the real work of being married begins. Are you prepared? Check out this tip to help you get started on your way to a beautiful marriage.

Keys to a better marriage: No Coasting
Your key today is no coasting allowed. I see couples now days that get married with the attitude that if it’s meant to be everything will just work out. They take no thought of maintenance such as marriage classes, conferences, bible studies, mentor opportunities, book reading or building friendships with other married couples. I really hate to tell you this but marriage takes work, sweat, tears, forgiveness and a boatload of other stuff. If you get married and don’t learn to paddle together and take charge of where your marriage boat is going then it is doomed to get slammed onto the rocks and crushed in the surf. I have never seen a marriage just work out; at least not and also become a good healthy one. Over the years my wife and I attended many marriage conferences, faithfully attended marriage classes, did marriage bible studies, surrounded ourselves with strong marriage couples as friends and read almost any book that had anything to do with marriage. No we did not do it all for our health. We did it because we knew there was so much about marriage we didn’t know and understand and all of these resources helped us to gain insight into one another and how to do marriage right. As such our marriage thrived and bloomed and went on to touch untold numbers of others. Let me encourage you today not to be complacent in your marriage either. The sooner you start to work on your marriage diligently the sooner you can start avoiding some of the pitfalls that capsize and cripple so many relationships and you can steer clear of rocks and rapids that destroy others. Reginald Brister ~  Eye to Eye Marriage Enrichment Community

I challenge you to work just as diligently towards having a marriage that is even more beautiful than the wedding you planned. What steps are you taking or have you taken to prepare yourself to be a better spouse?

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